About us


And then there was rashes everywhere. Uncomfortable red rashes.

As a new mom, I knew exactly what and how I wanted things to go as far as my baby's essential care needs were concerned. Diapers had to be of high quality, knowing that my baby was going to be in it 99% of the time. Wipes had to be more of water and strong and on and on. When our diaper finished, I was happy to know I could get U.S. diapers around and I got one (or so I thought) and it was the beginning of my nightmares.

Seeing this, my husband and I went on a search for authentic diapers which were indeed imported and we found one but the price was not friendly at all. We felt so robbed of our hard earned money (lol) but we needed it. So we got it and kept on getting it at that rate till one night, we thought to ourselves and said, "not everyone can afford this and everyone do need this." So we booked our appointment and had that meeting that afforded us the opportunity to import diapers (and other products) from the USA and have them available to parents at good rates.

The Club

Anne’s Club™ is a business trademark for the children department of ANNE AND AMY – a registered business subsidiary of Dbcréer Limited in Nigeria. Located in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria, Anne’s Club is a family-owned business founded on love.

"When my second baby arrived, I had no fear, knowing the essential care products I needed were available." ~ Phebe (Anne's Club Mama Bear)

Anne’s Club is a place of love specially created for you and your little ones. It is for the one who loves quality and wants same for their little ones. Products in the club are carefully sourced for and imported from the United States excluding our Grade A Shea butter and Coconut Oil.

Our Shea Butter has been sourced from Niger State and our NAFDAC approved cold pressed coconut oil, here in Lekki, Lagos. These products are food grade and beyond using on skin and hair, they can be used for cooking.

I invite you to take a look through our store and then treat your babies & toddlers; nieces & nephews and your adorable grandchildren with a trip to Anne’s Club.

Here at Anne's Club, we are not just about selling quality products but building Long Lasting Loving (LLL) relationship with our customers.

"Fresh bodies and ‘bums’; clean gums and teeth; clean faces and clean clothes are every parents' (especially moms') happy place. Even more happier when it’s all germs and bacteria free." ~ Phebe Reju-Olaniran (Co-Founder & Mama Bear)

We welcome you all to Anne's Club and we look forward to serving you and connecting with you.

All our love,

Phebe, Anne, Amy and Doyin.